When the bees of Lambas face a cruel tyrant, they will need all their courage to survive

The peace and security of the bees of Lambas has become threatened by the terrifying and ambitious drone Redmore, the tyrannical new Honey Controller. His cruelty and his impossible demands for ever more food supplies hides an even darker secret.

It will take all the courage of young Brenden, Laser and Casper, led by the ageing wise old bee Hummer to fight against impossible odds for justice and peace.

This fast-paced epic brings to life an incredible struggle between the forces of good and evil, loyalty and betrayal, life and death, with an incredibly rich cast of characters.

With adventures spanning the whole of the great Kingdom of Lambas, the friends must battle scorpions and outwit spiders, befriend strange butterflies and frogs and enter into unchartered territory to negotiate with a ferocious tribe of giant ants.

Carrying positive and powerful metaphors of courage, initiative and friendship, Hummer gives children and adults alike the chance to share in a wonderful adventure story together.


Reader Reviews

I loved this book! I wish there was more. Terry Parkins instantly takes you to the realm of Lambas. Home of the Bees. It's so detailed that I felt as if I was flying along with Hummer and Brendan and Laser. Awesome journey! I would give more than 5 star's if I could. Thank you Mr. Parkins it was great.
CJ, Aug 2, 2016

Both myself and my son have read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is well written with engaging imagery and a gripping storyline. I would highly recommend this book.
Samantha, 3 Nov. 2015

A fantastic read. I couldn't put the book down. Can't wait for the follow up book. From child to adult this is the book for you. Watch out for the animation film!
Mamot, 5 Oct. 2015

Brought this for my teenage son to read and he's really enjoyed it. Great book.
Anon, 2 April 2016

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of proceeds are donated to help the planet's bees



50% of proceeds for Hummer are donated to the British Bee Keeper's Association and the International Bee Research Association each year in continued support for their efforts to protect our bees. With your help, we can work to reduce the disappearance of bees across the world and contribute to their protection. To read more on why bees are so important to us and our planet, click the images above.


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If you purchase directly from the author, a higher percentage of your payment will be received by the bee charities.

Books will be signed and posted out to you within 24hrs. If you would like a special message to be included, please send an email to: terry@hummer-the-book.co.uk with your message.


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Hummer (English, paperback, signed)
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A Message from the Author

It’s all about not just creating a literary adventure, but something from which inspiration can be drawn from. You may think bees are a million miles from humans in how they live, but their social commitment to each other is a lesson for us all.

I will be donating 50% of my book sales proceeds to the British Beekeepers Association, and the International Bee Research Association. Both organisations carry out great work but more funding is needed to support their vitally important contribution to bee welfare across the globe. Let's help to make a difference for our future!

If you would like to get in touch, please email